Working for customers’ interests
- The priority of Anguo’s work aim is “ we strive to protect the interests of our clients.”
- All the Anguo staffs adhere to this aim in the process of brokerage service.
- All the regulations and rules including business operation regulations, claims settlement operation regulations are established
  on the basis of this aim.

Being professional and technical
- Anguo managerial leaders are experts who have over 20 years’ working experience in insurance market.
- All the staffs in Anguo have college and bachelor’s degree and are professional insurance personnel.
- All the staffs in Anguo have passed insurance brokers’ qualification examination and get the China insurance broker’s
  qualification certificate.
- We have practical experience in the field of insurance policy design and claims settlement and we make great endeavors
  to fight maximal interest for our customers.

Providing personalized service
- All business and claims settlement service process are computerized through business processing system.
- We send monthly insurance report to our customers including accident, endorsement and declaration handling information
  and the relevant insurance business in order to make specific information accessible to our customers.
- 30 days before insurance renewal, we provide our customers with detailed insurance renewal report including last year’s  
   insurance policy, claims settlement information, insurance company evaluation, insurance policy improvement and renewal  


- Supply insurance claims settlement training for our customers regularly and make them familiar with insurance policy contents,
  claims settlement schedule and notice etc. so as to increase usage efficiency.

Processing business in transparent and standardized way
- Anguo strictly obeys all rules and regulations of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, adheres to principles when
  providing services to clients.

- Anguo personnel (business and claim personnel) stick to their job responsibility and rules and regulations to provide
  high-quality service for the customers.

Joining global brokers alliance - UNiBA
- Facilitate the generation, placement and servicing of international business through excellent partners across the world
- Have access to latest information and know-how all around the world.
- Arrange special risk insurance / reinsurance through UNiBA Partners.
- Increase the firm's visibility by giving great global presence.
- Think new thoughts and create new ideas and projects with partners.

Having a diverse range of customers and covers many different industries including:
- Steel
- Ship building
- Petrochemical industry
- Automobile manufacturing/Auto parts
- Tire manufacturing
- Chemical fiber/ Textile
- Chemical industry
- Electronics
- Food processing
- Warehouse & Logistics

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