·Established in 1987 and founded by brokers for brokers and continues to be managed by brokers.
·Registration Place: Hamburg,Germany;  Operation office: Brussels, Belgium
·Now it has more than 50 partners.
·Assist the clients in over 130 countries across the world such as British, Germany, America and Australia etc.
·Managed by membership system and partners selected only by invitation and through strict screening.

·Built on values of “quality, integrity and commitment”.
·It provides a worldwide business platform for quality focused, independent brokers with strategic interest in
  international business.
·The objective is to constantly expand the competitive advantage of the partners.
·The strong quality focus and long-term perspective make UNiBA different.
·The UNiBA Partners will tell you that quality, integrity and a true willingness to work together are fundamental to UNiBA Partners’
  identity and culture.

Business Scope
·Insurance broking services, risk management, analysis and control
·Provide employee benefits services for different companies and organizations.
·Arrange meetings with senior leaders in different companies all over the world through effectively internal network.
·Provide with pioneering and strategic global business network and platform.

Membership Requirements
·Strategic interest in international business
·Privately held/ owner driven company
·Ethically and financially sound
·Client focused, professional, forward looking and risk management conscious
·Among the top brokers in the country, very strong regional or niche players or a younger firm with demonstrably strong growth

·Meet UNiBA Partners’ standards for E&O/ PI coverage.
·Motivation for long-term commitment to the network and its partners.

Benefits of Membership
·Facilitate the generation, placement and servicing of international business through excellent partners across the world.
·Increase the scope for domestic business through easy access to information and know-how from around the world.
 The Partners compete in areas typically considered as the domain of the mega-brokers.

·Multiple market options by enabling rapid access to and personal contacts with market across the world. The Partners find
  coverage for unusual and difficult to place risks, both domestically and overseas.

·Increase member firm’s visibility by giving a global presence. UNiBA’s website shows detailed information and publishes news
  about the member firm which will gain visibility worldwide.

·Provide a complete infrastructure for working internationally. A state-of-the-art Extranet, an efficient reporting system, clear
 standards and procedures mean the members get results rapidly.

·Thinking new thoughts: The meeting explore more than just industry and business topics. Partners together create new ideas
  and projects.

 If you want more details about UNiBA Partners, please visit the following website http://www.uniba-partners.com/

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