Voltage Fluctuation Accident
Due to the Voltage fluctuation accident, steel mill suffered a loss nearly RMB150,000 yuan. On-site equipment was damaged by the voltage fluctuation. After the loss was reported to insurer A who issued the property all risk insurance policy, Insurer A appointed an adjuster to conduct site survey. 

After receiving the claim materials,  the adjuster insisted that the loss should be covered by machinery breakdown insurance since voltage fluctuation is an electrical accident.
But the deductible under property all risks insurance policy and machinery breakdown insurance policy are different as follows:

If it is treated as machinery breakdown insurance accident, the loss amount is less than the deductible, so the client should assume all the losses. But if it is treated as property all risks insurance accident, the deductible is nearly RMB23,000 yuan(RMB150,000 yuan*15% ), so the client can still get about more than RMB120,000 yuan after deduction of deductible. 
Then Anguo pointed out that this loss was caused by an unforeseen accident, it should be compensated under the cover of property all risk insurance unless the loss applies to one of the exclusion clauses. The adjuster proposed that this accident conforms to No.5, Article 8 of Exclusions in property all risks insurance clause “the non- external force resulting in loss of mechanical or electrical equipment”.  Anguo proposed that voltage fluctuation is external forces, so it should not be interpreted as exclusions. 
Finally, Insurer A and the adjuster agreed with anguo and paid RMB123,000 yuan as compensation. In this case, on the basis of different insurance accidents having different deductibles, Anguo analyzed different compensation method with our experienced and professional knowledge and negotiated with the insurer and adjuster and finally won reasonable compensation for the client.

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