Inland Cargo Transportation Accident
A Client transferred their cargoes from Nanjing warehouse to Shanghai warehouse by truck. During the transportation, the truck carelessly bumped into heavy semi-trailer and both cars and cargoes were damaged.

The client covered cargo transportation insurance by insurer A and covered Auto insurance by insurer B.

After getting their claim report, insurer A appointed an adjuster to site survey. During the survey, the adjuster told the client that the cargo loss can be fully paid by insurer A. So the insurer who issued Auto insurance policy for semi-trailer and insurer B only confirmed to compensate the truck loss when conducting the site survey. 

When the adjuster reported to insurer A after collecting the claim materials, the insurer A proposed that the accident should be borne by main responsible party( the heavy semi-trailer is main responsible party, the truck is minor responsible party according to the police). So it should be compensated firstly by the main responsible party and then they will pay the rest of loss.  

After this, the client told Anguo that they failed to contact with heavy semi-trailer, and even worse, the adjuster quited his job, so we can not verify what he said during site survey.

Anguo persuaded insurer A to take more liabilities since the adjuster who made a mistake was appointed by them. At the same time, Anguo persuaded insurer B to take more liabilities since they were in the same group company with heavy semi-trailer’s insurer. Finally, insurer A agreed to compensate 80% of the loss and insurer B agreed to compensate the rest of the loss. 

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