Inland Cargo Transportation Insurance
Inland Cargo Transportation Insurance
This insurance covers all risks of loss or damage to the cargo caused by natural hazard or accident in the transit of waterways, railways, highways or combine conveyances.
Subject Matter Insured
Cargoes in the process of transportation
General Provisions
Domestic water and land way cargo transportation insurance clauses
Basic risks
– loss of fire, explosion, lightening, hailstorm, tempest, rainstorm, flood, earthquake, tsunami, land subsidence, rockfall,
   landslide or mudslide;
– loss of collision, grounding, stranding, capsizing, sinking, derailing or tunnel, wharf collapsing of means of conveyance;
– loss or damage to cargo in the event of loading, unloading or transferring except in case of  inferior packaging or
   personnel defaultof operational specification;
– general average expense attributable in accordance with national regulation or practice clause;
– cargoes missing due to aforesaid hazard or accident and reasonable and direct expense of salvage or cargo protection;
All risks
– loss of cargoes by breakage, bending, denting, snapping,cracking or cargoes missing due to broken packaging;
– leakage of the liquid cargo caused by the damage of the containers(including the seal) due to vibration, collision or
   squeezing or rot or putrefaction of the preservative goods due to  leakage of liquid storage cargoes;
– loss of pilferage or assembly TPND(theft, pilferage and non-delivery);
– loss of cargoes soaked by rain in accordance with safety transportation regulation
– war, warlike operation;
– nuclear accident or nuclear explosion;
– interior defects or tear and wear of insured cargoes and inferior packaging;
– willful act or gross negligence of the insured;
– pilferage and assembly TPND (theft, pilferage and non-delivery)in transit of highway;
– other loss or cost beyond the scope of insurance liability

Inland cargo transportation insurance clause(train&truck)
Overland transportation risks
– total or partial loss of cargo due to natural hazard such as tempest, lightening, flood, earthquake or due to accident during
   transit caused by collision, overturning, derailing or accident during transport by lighter caused by stranding, striking,
   sinking,  collision of the lighter or accident caused by collapsing of tunnel, rockslide, fire or explosion;
– salvage fees within the scope of insurance coverage or other reasonable fees within the limit of the insured amount of cargoes
Overland transportation all risks
– Besides the aforesaid inland transportation risks, it also covers total or partial loss of cargoes due to external reasons in
– willful act or gross negligence of the insured
– loss due to cosigner’s responsibility.
– loss of inferior quality or number shortage of cargoes before the startup of insurance coverage;
– loss of or damage to the property insured itself or expenses resulting from wear and tear, inherent or latent defect, falling
   market price, delay of transportation;
– coverage and exclusions of inland transportation war risks and cargo transportation strike risks
Way of Cover 
·single coverage: Fill in the insurance application, issue the insurance policy and settle premium for each transit, which is
 suitable for rarely happened cargo transportation.
·open policy: It provides blanket cover against loss or damage to all goods transported during a stated period(normally
 one year). Under this terms, the insured is required to periodically provide the insurer with the description, quantity and
 value of goods shipped during that period. It has several merits:
 – simplify the formalities, avoid troubles of successive coverage
 – avoid omission and errors
 – get preferable insurance premium
* For further details, please refer to the insurance clauses.

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