Customer Seminar in October, 2013-Qiandao Lake
Source:Support Team
After Shengsi customer seminar, our company held another large-scale customer seminar so as to supply insurance training for the customers and provide emergency measures after accidents etc. This meeting lasted three days and we prepared mini games and small gifts so as activate atmosphere, thus several customers vigorously took part in it.
This seminar aims to strengthen communication and our employers pay visits to customers irregularly so as to grasp their needs and existing risks and help them to deal with these problems and prevent the happening of accidents. We also supply regular training and analyze the cause of accidents in order to prevent reoccurrence of accidents. We hope that we can decrease customers’ loss to minimum degree and give them good results of claims settlements.
To variety of customers, insurance may be just simple two words, but to us, it is our company promise, responsibility of the insurance industry and personnel’s duty.
The successful conclusion of this seminar predicts the customers’ recognition and we will carry forward to provide more helps and propel the sound development of insurance industry.

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