Kunming Violence Horrible Time Schedule
9:20 p.m. on March 1st, tragedy occurred in Yunnan Kunming railway station, more than 10 dressing thugs in Yunnan province Kunming railway station masked with knives, suddenly they were slaying innocent passengers.Now 29 people were killed and more than 130 people were injured.
According to the xinhua news agency, the reporter learns from Kunming municipal government information office, the scene evidence of "3 · 1" event in Kunming that this is a serious violence terrorism initiated by separatists in Xinjiang province. 
Finance news journalists, combed the accident on the basis of official news and revealed to readers.
9 p.m. on March 1, witnesses said, at this time, two men dressed in black from head to foot, wrapped in scarves, only exposed their eyes,walked towards ticket office in the railway station.
9:20 p.m. on March 1, 10 thugs in uniform masked with a knife in Yunnan Kunming railway station, suddenly they slayed innocent passengers.
On March 1, on the evening of 23:00 p.m, the Kunming railway station crossroads were regulated by martial law, the police have blockaded nearly a kilometer around the station, many police officers stood guard with a gun and strict screened out personnel.
On March 1, 23:24p.m, such as Beijing road and south ring road intersection in Kunming have been implemented traffic control, social vehicles running towards the train station were forbidden, you can see the police held shields patrolling the streets and armored cars on the road.
On March 2 12:46p.m, according to the official xinhua news agency reported in English “by the zero hour, Kunming railway station thugs have slayed passers-by 27 people and hurt 109 people..
On March 2, 1:00a.m, xinhua net released China weibo, according to the reporter saw that there are a lot of the wounded in the first people's hospital in the hall hospital and emergency room in Kunming city. According to the emergency department registration statistics, till March 1, 24 PM, there are 60 wounded people including a number of civilian police, especially a policeman had serious head injury and was undergoing emergency treatment.
On March 2, 1:48 a.m in the morning, Yunnan information newspaper released weibo, vice governor of Yunnan province held an emergency meeting in Kunming medical department in the first people's hospital and they have confirmed that the wounded number was 162 people, 135 people were currently still in the first aid and 27 people were killed .
On March 2, 3:00 in the morning, the xinhua news agency said that general secretary Xi Jinping gave instructions to Kunming railway station terrorist violence terrorism, requested to solve the case, strictly in accordance with the law to punish terrorists, carefully prepared treatment for the wounded dealt with aftermath masses.Premier Li Keqiang asked local public security authorities to strengthen public security prevention and control measures and conducting preventive jobs in crowded public places.
On March 2, 4:00 in the morning, when, according to Yunnan network news that each trains in Kunming railway station have been issued and the railway station order was basically returned to normal.
On March 2, 5:30 in the morning, the central politburo and the central politics and law committee secretary Meng Jianzhu led 15 police, legal examiner, and forensic DNA experts to Kunming. Public security minister will leave for Kunming to deal with it on On March 2, 5:00pm.
On March 2, 6:00 a.m, at this time, there are more than 29 people were killed and 130 injured.Police shot dead four thugs on-site, 1 person was arrested.Five suspects are two women and three men, especially 1 female criminal suspect was wounded and captured and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment and she has become the key to trace the clues.
on March 2, 9:00 a.m, according to xinhua news agency the reporter learns from Kunming municipal government information office that "3 · 01" event that this is a serious violence terrorism planned by separatists in Xinjiang. 
On March 2 9:00 a.m 02, the secretary-general Pan Jiwen issued a statement through UN official weibo, he said in the strongest words to condemn this shocking attacks on civilians happened in Kunming railway station.Ban Ki-Moon offered condolences to the victims' families, wished the injured a speedy recovery and pointed out that there is no reason for the killing of innocent civilians and the perpetrators should be brought to justice.

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