Guangzhou Subway Stampede Accident, Five People Were Sent to Hospital Including One Pregnant Woman.
Today, reporters learned from the third hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, the subway stampede at noon today, a total of five people were sent to the hospital for treatment, one of them is pregnant women; but after medical observation, 5 people had no severe trauma and was still under observation.
11:08 a.m today, the hospital accepted commands to dispatch ambulance to Xicun subway station in line 5, under on-site staff guidance, they took back three patients (two women and one man), one of them is at 19 weeks pregnant.Three patients are in panic mood, pregnant woman is injured in right hand middle finger and said her waist was trampled and the other three patients have different degree of body and head trauma.
Subsequently, two others wounded (one man and one woman) were sent to the hospital in the company of subway staff.They were injured in limbs and skins to different degree.
After patients sent in hospitals, the hospital immediately started emergency plans, opened a green channel, organized capable medical personnel for emergency treatment such as life care, medical examination, the specialized diagnosis, medical observation.The pregnant woman had right hand soft tissue contusion and stable fetus vital signs. Others five injured people was taking medical examination and had no serious trauma.

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