Claims settlement consultation service
Claims settlement consultation service means that broker, on behalf of clients' interests, involves in claims settling process and helps the customer to get reasonable compensation through insurance brokers’ professional knowledge and rich experience. 

Anguo provides brokerage services including claims settlement consultation service.
Anguo concludes claims settlement consultation contracts separately and provide claims settlement consultation service for those customers who haven’t arrange insurance through us.

Anguo provides claims settlement consultation service as follows:
·Assist the customer to report the accident
·Assist the customer to conduct on-site survey
·Assist the customer to report overall losses
·Explain the predicted claims settlement progress for the customer and instruct loss part conservation to the
 customer in advance
·Check claim material list required by insurance company (or loss adjustor) and instruct them to the customers including specific
 contents, preparation methods etc.

·Provide professional advice to solve problems in preparing materials 
·Help the customer to negotiate with the insurance company(or loss adjustor)
·Analyze the insurance company’s opinion (or loss adjustor)  and provide solutions
·Find out and provide theoretical basis according to insurance terms and other accidents material study 
·Provide written report on main discussion points in each phrase
·Follow the insurance claims settlement process
·Provide a written and monthly report;
·Draw up business letters to insurance company or loss adjustor on behalf of the customers if necessary 
·Ensure customers’ interests and supply consultation service through arbitration and litigation
·Provide other necessary assistance and consultation in the process of claims settlement.

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