Insurance brokerage service
Insurance brokers accept the appointment of the enterprises, contribute to the insurance contract and maintenance insurance policy and provide a package of insurance intermediary services including risk assessment, insurance status quo analysis, insurance arrangements and claim settlement assistance etc. After the concluding of insurance contract, the broker is usually collecting commission from the insurance company.

Risk assessment service
Anguo makes use of domestic and foreign risk management technology support and employs on-site survey methods to provide risk management service such as analyzing and identifying risks, evaluating, transferring and controlling risks.
In the initial or former period, the enterprise may face production hidden trouble of safety management; Anguo can provide them with professional, regular survey and risk assessment so as to avoid irreparable disasters.

Insurance procurement service
Enterprise may face variety of risks at present, in the choice of insurance, insurance plan formulation and insurance company and other important links, Anguo provides procurement services so as to help enterprises striving for the most competitive conditions and the most effective guarantee in the insurance market.

Phrase 1: insurance scheme design 
Anguo analyzes enterprise present situation and the existing insurance risk situation, relies on professional and technical advantages and market information, and then tailors for enterprises the most reasonable insurance scheme according to the special risks and demand of the enterprises together with using helpful extension terms and special agreements.

Phrase 2: tendering
Through the characteristics of the brokerage industry itself, Anguo makes use of deep analysis of the market, promotes the insurance companies open, fair and public competition and cooperation model in order to ensure the best insurance condition and the most competitive price.

Phrase 3: audit policy
Anguo will verify audit policy strictly so as to make sure the insurance plan should be in line with the ultimate version.

Insurance accident treatment
Based on a large amount of successful insurance claims experience, Anguo will assist enterprises to carry out accident investigation, collect claim documents and strive for the best interests for the customer in the customer's position together with our professional knowledge and skills.
·Assist companies to report and survey on-site and give out claim settlement notice.
·Assist enterprises to claim for compensation and prepare the required documents.
·Assist companies and insurance companies to discuss the insurance liability.
·Assist companies and insurance companies to discuss the insurance payment.
·Track the accident treatment until the final payment transferred to the account.

Insurance training
With comprehensive experience, Anguo tailored for the customers several insurance types introduction and claims process and insurance training materials related to the insurance practice, and supply regular insurance training for the enterprise so that they can freely to handle sudden accidents. 

Insurance brokerage service process:
·Customers provide the insurance power of attorney.
·Anguo designs insurance scheme for the customers
·Anguo inquiries variety of insurance companies and provides insurance report.
·The insurant selects insurance company.
·Anguo assists the insurant to cover insurance.
·Proofread the insurance policies and make sure them in line with the customers’ version.
·Provide risk management/insurance policy management and other daily maintenance services.
·Assist customers to claim settlement when loss occurred. 

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