Reinsurance brokerage services mean that reinsurance broker gets reinsurance ceding companies’ entrust to provide intermediary services for reinsurance ceding and ceded companies.
·Services for reinsurance ceding company
1.Choose the best insurance buyer.
2.Negotiate reinsurance conditions
3.Offer all kinds of technical consultation services.
4.Support claim handling
·Services for reinsurance ceded company
1.Provide good quality business channels.
2.Act as an information intermediary between both sides

Reinsurance brokerage services can be divided into Facultative reinsurance brokerage and Treaty reinsurance broker, at present our company is mainly engaged in reinsurance brokerage services as follows:
High-risk business facultative reinsurance: As for high-risk business, China insurance companies are lacking the capacity to cover insurance, we can help direct insurance company to arrange Facultative reinsurance to overseas reinsurance companies.

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